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 Good morning.  Since the society is painting World War I figures for the anniversary of the start of the War. I have come up with a list of some books that might help.
         1. The two Funkin books on the First World War.  For a starter set they are good covers all the countries.
         2. Osprey series. The 3 volume set on the British Army is nice but the prints are a bet washed out, but we all know that uniforms never fad in the filed :o
         3. Verlag  Militaria  nice books covers Germany Austria. French Armies
         4. Turk Askeri Kiyafetleri this book is about Turkish Army in World War I and is in Turkish. The things we do for are hobby ::)
         5.  Schiffer Publishing. American Expeditionary Forces in World War I , The Imperial Russian Army Uniforms.
         6. An Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War I Uniforms by LB publishers.
         7. La Guerra Italo,Austriaca 1915-1918 covers the Italian army and its uniforms and Equipment.
         8. Almark Publishing if you can pick up these books they are great to have to paint with ;D
         9. Histoire & Collections  French Army 1914-1918 French Tanks brand new, and the German Army 1914-1918 not printed yet.
       Now my latest addition from Military Mode Publishing is Campaign 1914 volume 1 this is going to be a outstanding book it covers the equipment of the Tommy . Lots of color pictures of the real thing. I will give a review next week when it arrives.   So if you have any Christmas money left have fun. Also for those who do not like to shop there is the web lots of good stuff they too.


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Yes definitely, keep them coming. :)
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Keep them coming Willie, it's good to have an idea of books to get ;)

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I recently received 3 new books from

        1. Australian Military Uniforms 1800-1982, By Monty Wedd. It is a outstanding book lots of color prints and B& W drawings of equipment. So if you are in a rut here's your chance to bark out.
         2. Dress & Insignia of the British Army in Australia & New Zealand 1770 1870 By Ronald Montague. Nice book filled with lots of  information about the troops uniforms.
         3. The Indian Army and the Kings Enemies 1900-1947. By Charles Chenevix  Trench. A good book on the military history of the Indian Army from that period change of pace from uniform books   Willie   

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Just a correction to the Carthaginian title . It is called Carthaginians 6th-2nd century BC by Andrea Salimbeti  will be out in April 2014 osprey publishing. Also another title is Le Soldat Lagide de Ptolemee ler soter a Cleopantre  deals with Hellenistic Egypt from casemate

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So I am back again with the Greeks and Romans. The first two are really good for information and color prints. Early Aegean Warrior 5000-1450 BC by Raffaele D'Amato . If anyone has a Minoan bull set you can get lots of ideas on how to paint them. Second by the same author is Bronze age Greek Warrior 1600-1100 BC I can see a nice set about Troy the color is great and lots of information. There will be third on Bronze age Carthage.  Roman Centurions 753-31 BC, Roman Centurions 31BC-AD500  Now the last one An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Uniforms of the Roman World by Kiley it has been out a year but still a good one to get lots of prints to work from Willie  The above books are printed by Osprey

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 Once again it is October and most of the shows are done and now we begin to look towards Christmass . Over the few months I have gotten some very interesting books. But before I start this let me take a moment to explane a few things. I enjoy buying books and writing them up for this forum. Most of them are on uniforms and a few on military History, Art, Aircraft and Ships. If I can help someone in getting the right book for his painting then I have done my job. I am not an expert but one who keeps on learning every time I pick up a new book. Second there is no such thing as the all knowing book on this subject, some are better then others. Third there are books priced for every taste. There was one member who said how luck we where to have all these book. I can remember when I first started out and it took a lot of time to get here and you can do the same thing. Also it helps when you have a loving wife who goes along with you even when she thinks all you get them for is the color pictures.  So lets get started.
            Historie & Collections
           1.Germany in Uniform By Paul Gaujac. From Reichswehr  to Wehrmacht.  A paper back book with a lot of  Knotel drawings in it. It covers a lot of the different organizations in the 30s. For a starter book on the subject it is nice. They Could have done a better job on the printing of uniforms in the book.
           2. Officers and Soldiers of  France. Paper back. So fare there have been 23 in the series the last two being Carabiniers 1679-1871 French Artillery 16871815 There are lot color plats in these books and one the thing I like is you use them for painting and if you get paint on them it does not cost you a arm and leg. Osprey look out.
           Andrea Publishing
           1. Deutsche Luftwaffe Hard Back. By Gustavo Cano & Santiago Guillen. These books are great books geared towards the collector with lots of pictures of uniforms and equipment, the other ones I recommend are Deutsche Soldaten  Heitai Japanese Army Inside the Allgemeine  SS.
         So now enough on World War II . Are next series will be on Romans Greeks  Willie