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Gypsy Camp - Wimor
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 09:41:44 PM »
Another birthday present was this set that I have always found humorous and full of life.  Engraved by Mohr, Jim Woodley thought it an early effort as it does not quite have the style and control he later showed though it does have a bit of humor which is typical Mohr.

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I do love the rendition of the knife fight and the dueling whips as well a number of urchins and various Gypsy characters.

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There is a nice rendition in Jim Woodeley's gallery here 1-171212141741-8941884.jpeg and 1-171212141740-8931231.jpeg as well as one by Douchkine on Bistulfi's wonderful site,cor_1200.jpg.

My set was purchased from the always reliable Modelbau Holland-Merten.  (I suspect they don't sell too many of this set any longer but, to me one of the reason flats are wonderful.  It tells a number of stories with humor and verve.  And as Jim and Douchkine showed it also paints up quite nicely.)

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