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Torhaus Dölitz Zinnfigurenmuseum - Leipzig
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Shogun AG (KLIO) have created an exhibition display at the gatehouse museum which I intend visiting on 22nd Sept. following my visit to the Berlin Samurai Arts Musuem earlier in the week. Worth looking at YouTube Video. 

Special exhibitions:
8 May 2022 to 26 February 2023
SHOGUN unpacks: Now the time has come, finally we can show the exhibition! Corona had prevented this for a long time ...

The KLIO working group SHOGUN shows tin-figurative treasures that have been created in the course of their 35-year history. On display are flat and plastic individual figures, series and dioramas that give a fascinating insight into the history and culture of ancient Japan – from the farmer to the samurai to the imperial court.

Exhibition report:

Regards, Rod.
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