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How to post pictures hosted on another site (like your Photobucket
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Here is something I cribbed from the GreatWarAvaiation site with permission:

Photobucket and Flicker are two of many popular image hosting sites that allow you to host your images for free. Once you have joined an image hosting site you can upload your digital images from you camera to your computer, then to your chosen site. Once uploaded, you can create a 'hotlink' in your post here to make the image appear here. This can be done a couple of different ways. Sites like Photobucket display the necessary code when you float your mouse over the image there - look for the one beginning IMG and simply copy and drop that code into your post here.

It should look something like:

[IMG ] 

(note that I have added a space in the first part of the image code to stop it working and enable you to see the code)

Alternatively you can use the IMG button on this site and then copy the URL link in between. You can get the URL link for any image on the web by going to the image, right clicking your mouse over it, and then going to properties. The URL will be displayed. This method is particularly useful if you want to 'burgle' an image from somewhere, but be aware copyright may apply to some images and you should not hotlink them. You can display Youtube video the same way by using the youtube button instead of the IMG button when you compose a post.

It is a good idea to use the preview button (beside the submit button) to check that the image or video displays as you intend it to. Once you are happy, hit the submit button. Once submitted the above image link displays as:

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