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Re: Behring - Mayan War Party - 30mm
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Thank you, am glad you share the results of your research.  Very informative.


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Behring - Mayan War Party - 30mm
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I saw this picture of a group of Mayan warriors from a recent show which got me hunting for the editor:

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Eventually I tracked it to Behring who have a fine line of Inca figures as well.  I purchased this from Berliner Zinnfiguren directly.

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These figures are contemporary with the Aztecs from Gottstein - apparently the Aztecs where planning expansion in to Mayan territory when the Conquistadors landed and were a later, bloodier part of the conquest of the Americas.  The Mayans also had an advanced society for the time period which could also field large armies and similar to the Aztecs were somewhat expansionist and war like and again have a somewhat unknown history in the west.

I also found this wonderful example on Mauro Benini's site which also has some colorful examples from the Aztec and Incan empires as well.

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(Maruo freely offered any of the examples from his site for my research/articles.  Aa a community flat painters seem to be a very decent, helpful slice of humanity who are lovely to deal with...)

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