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News / Re: Cards
« Last post by Christian on Today at 05:19:58 PM »

Well done, Brian!

BG Christian
Resources & Reviews / Re: Books
« Last post by willie on Today at 12:57:45 PM »
     Well there's never a dull moment around here . Two weeks ago we had a drive by and they shoot up my Daughters car and put a round in mine >:(  So I am sort of hunkered down at the moment. Never thought being a member would be so dangerous  :o    We are both OK  Not much doing on the book front . Willie  8)  PS they pissed me off >:(
General Discussion / Re: News from "archigrog"
« Last post by willie on Today at 12:44:32 PM »

 Glad that you are doing OK  ;D  Now back to painting and stay away from them woman ::)  Willie
General Discussion / Re: News from "archigrog"
« Last post by Hannibal on Today at 06:35:19 AM »
Bravo Claudio, very happy to read your enthousiasm again !!!

General Discussion / Re: News from "archigrog"
« Last post by Brian on Today at 03:00:26 AM »
Good to hear your okay  :D

General Discussion / Re: News from "archigrog"
« Last post by archigrog on Today at 12:01:34 AM »
Hello to everyone, and thanks for your kind messages!!
I wanted to reassure you that I'm fine and that the problem was linked to an Italian mail service provider that closed all e-mail boxes for several days (almost 10). really a big disservice.

Now the mail is slowly getting back to working (I received a lot of emails from you, dear friends and thank you very much.
Covid has fortunately passed, but I'm starting to get tired of it,

I hug you all,

General Discussion / Re: News from "archigrog"
« Last post by Hannibal on February 01, 2023, 03:15:43 PM »
Same for me too !!
General Discussion / News from "archigrog"
« Last post by errant49 on February 01, 2023, 11:37:57 AM »
I have been in touch with Claudio (archigrog), our associate member
In his last message (january22) he told me he had got COVID and health problems
Since this date his mailbox does not receive messages and I have no news
Does any of our Italian friends have informations ?
may I also join the competition and suggest my humble painting services of WIMOR sets?

I hope that some of the members, who has my figures, would be kind enough to recommend me
 Maybe one of these is from interest to you


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