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Painting? No, I don't think so.... How I discovered flats.

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Maturin a big welcome to the world of the flat figure
Do have a go at painting the little guys but remember the figures you see on here are from thouse who have been at it for many years


Bravo Willie it was an excellent intro!!!

That is the essence - all the others will come by-and-by!
Welcome, Maturin!!

First of all welcome to are club of misfits 😱😵😎 Rule 1do not mix-up your Brandy glass for the one you clean your brushs in Rule 2  If you need help  on Elephants or camel 🐪 I am your man . Willie

Hello Maturin,

welcome to the Society !

To write but I won't be competing with painters of flats
over such an example of craftmanship (?)  does not match the topic exactly.
 Go forward on this way and you very soon will be able to compete. :)

John Alberts:
Nice set!  Thank you for sharing.


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