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Berliner Zinnfiguren | Rücker: Boxer charging, 1900 | purchase online

Hi Willie,   yes still got the 2 sets,  Claudio has already pointed you to the Tonkin sets.

Hello Willie,
i know one or two sets on Tonkin campaign:

One is a small set (7 figures) regarding Tuyen Quang siege in 1885 by Sepp Nalter "Legion In Zinn" (, please se in attach the typenlist)

The other one could be by Offizin Rücker (i've somewhere a paper catalog, but must be scanned), but i'm not so sure, could be on the later boxer rebellion


 Brain do you still stock the Crimean wars sets and do you know where I can pick up a set French Legion in Tonkin 1885 I saw them on the Berliner Zinnfiguren page some months back and now they don't have then  Willie


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