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Lucien Rousselot "The 5th Hussars on reconnaissance in the field"


Thanks Snagy, it closed on 29th of September, but as I am not a member of the Auctions group, I have no access to the selling value.

Actually I was preparing the pictures and I will load them today and this week, pictures taken out  already 10 days ago, but I had other priorities.  Pictires are almost ready now to give the result of the auction (flats from H. Muller, one from Becavin and from Talmant, from d'Ascanio and O'Callaghan).

Thank you for the info, Michel!
It is really worthwhile to go through the offers.
There are some beautiful sets also from the middle age!
I wonder how high will their bids terminate!

Lucien Rousselot "The 5th Hussars on reconnaissance in the field";sa=view;id=17564

Auction in Drouot room (Paris) by Phidias, Figurines and Lead Soldiers, lots 1 to 40, on September 29th, 2020.
Painter:  Lucien Rousselot
Comments:   Episode of the Wars of the First Empire. 'The 5th Hussars on reconnaissance in the field.' Original watercolor(39 x 47 cm)


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