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Just for information, I am in touch with the auctioneer and I asked him if the figures were painted both sides
Actually many of them are unachieved, especially flags
But looking at the overall collection the painting is not bad
The pity is that the sets are mixed together, but starting prices are very low and there could be some good opportunities
The dioramas are most interesting but of course will need a lot of space to show; I am not sure my wife would agree !

Perhaps resulting from his decease ... or a severe health problems pushing his family to get rid of his collection...  what we call in French "vide-grenier"

Thanks  Gents for the address. Now I been watching the whole on line auction from lot 350 to 625. I wonder if this collector had any social Life? I have seldom seen so many painted figures for sale at the same time, not to mention all the unpainted ones in boxes. I wonder how to handle the open dioramas with figures glued on bases transport wise? Still, it´s  very impressing to see one man´s Collection spanning over so many periods and historical eras. At the same time it´s a little sad to see it for sale like this.

I sent the info by MP to Jan

Hope this link is helpful:

Online auction:  Lots 350 to 625


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