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So very sorry for your loss....

It is truly special to be able to share to your hobbies with a sibling in the way you narrate and over such a long time.  Very unique and wonderful in this day and age.


Very sorry for your loss, Doug.

I met Scott once a few years ago when he was in town attending his wife's college reunion. We had a nice lunch together and a great discussion of flats.

Douglas Johnson:
It is with regret that I report my brother, Scott Johnson, died on 30 March this year, after being treated for stomach cancer for two years. We began collecting flats together back in the early 1960s, sharing the purchase of a set of Kilia Napoleonic Old Guard Grenadiers in greatcoats from Bussler Miniatures. Much later we started up an ongoing wargame between mythical Ancient empires, very much influenced by Tony Bath's example (though eventually not his rules), and over a period of 51 years grew our armies with direct purchases from Ochel and others. We sometimes branched out into different periods, all the time basing our armies on flat figures. Battles took place wherever we could set up a table, whether in the US or the UK. The final battle in our eternal Ancient wargame was fought on his dining room table in St. Louis last August (he won).


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