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Site issues 2/17


Thanks, Mark. I too had a problem yesterday, but got distracted and never went back to decide if it was the site or my equipment. We appreciate all you do.

As usual Mark your expertise is always at hand to sort things when required.

I also had a problem yesterday and was glad to know its not just my equipment, which like me is getting on a bit.

Many thanks for your speedy attention.


Thank you Mark, our little angel caring about all !!

I had the problem yesterday, thinking it was the laptop and my system. was so slow that I gave up in the evening...
Gets normal now  THANK YOU !!!

Verrrrry slow response on the site today led me to speak our colo who took a look and provided some suggestions which are now in place all of which has resulted in a much pleasurable experience using the site, it is now very responsive…

Hopefully Bob L’s issue is resolved as well.



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