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Some pictures from bugle call. A couple of the BFS stand, including a corner of Maddie's Attic Miniature display with the Flight of the Khalifa figures. A couple of Kettledrummers and Marilyn Monroe from another stand. A nice set of 'Magnificent Seven' busts. One stand had several nice Franco-Prussian War vignettes and another had some very evocative First World War dioramas.

Great Job well done  8)   Willie

Again a good show and weekend, got to the hotel and Peter was already there, sort a few thing out then to the bar for beer and food, not a bad place may be using again, food was good!
Show day Christine and myself left early to get the table ready leaving Pete to his breakfast, we got 3 tables for the day 2 BFFS and 1 2D figurines and as I took along figures for the BFFS table, Jerry arived and then Pete and  I was thinking we need more room  ;D
Then Maddie arrived from Attic Miniatures and her display was added to the table, by the way 2D is now the agent for Attic's flats so we some nice stuff to sell  ;)

Anyway a great day, show not as big but it was getting there and  talked so much now have lost my voice !!!   next year will be better

Big thanks to Peter Young, Jerry Mortimore and Maddie for showing off the Flat Tin Figure again   

I see Jerry was takeing photos but I'll leave you with these for now

This weekend  :)

Not long now, at least 4 of the BFFS members will be there  ;)


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