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The Flash figure World is on Bereavement

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Nicholas Ball:
Our condolences and deepest sympathy to Richard and the family. Very sad news indeed. Another great artist has left us, but she leaves behind a brilliant legacy of work.



Just some of the work by Catherine

gerry Larkin:
Very sad news indeed for Richard  and Catherine's family  met her many a time  always had a big smile
even  that my french  is bad she listened :)  Lovely  lady  she will be greatly missed.

 Very sad  :( Willie

This is a catastrophy !!
Such a charmant person, fantastic painter, but with with an increadible kindness in human relationship !! My wife and I have had until my last contct in April at Montrouge, such wonderful conversations!
The world of flats have lost a great artist, and her works I hope will remain models and examples of perfection. They have widely contibuted to my own passion for flat painting .......
My wife and I feel extremely sad in reading this news!!  :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\


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