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Yes, I should put in a pitch here to upload directly to the site rather than Photo Bucket by the way.  We do not have a space restriction with our ISP and all data is backed up daily so there is no down side.

One of the things I noticed on the old BFFS site is over 1/2 of the pictures are gone because of old or taken down Photo Bucket accounts which is a shame.

Uploading them directly will store them in this site and keep them available for future generations of painters.   8)


P.S.  When I have not broken it.

Lol I had a awful feeling it was me not remembering what to do.  :-[

Sorry, nothing personal Roger - I had buggered it up for all of the members...   8)

Thank you very much Mark it's working now.
You can imagine how confused I was returning after a month away.... I wasn't sure if I'd forgotten what to do or what!!!!  ;D

Try it now Roger - it may have been my fault... ::)


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