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Yes, it is bad news Brian.
Thanks for the update Andrew.
Vlad and I only really had contact about the Light Brigade figures. I sent him lots of uniform details and he then produced all those drawings. We changed a few things and have ended up with the Lancers you have been selling.
The next batch are a few more Lancers, couple of Hussars, and Russian cannon and artillerymen. It is a real shame that he cant finish the project.
He sent me details of Russian uniforms and units too. He never charged me for any of the drawings, it was a labour of love for him. He always replied immediately and couldn't have been more helpful.
He also sent me pictures of other figures he had designed and coloured. I will try and get them on the website if I can.

I to have been trying to get contact with Family and friends but also no joy.
Vlad could rub you the wrong way but I still regarded him as a good friend and sorry hear this news, we had lots of chats with email and these will be missed, Vlad and myself know how to put the world right if we had the chance.

I still have not had it confirmed but if this is the case rest in Peace my old friend.   

 It is my regret to inform everyone that unfortunately this news is true. According to strict rules the Russian Post has to advise the reason why the parcel has not been delivered, they can only mark as "receipient dead" with subject to an official authorities order.
Yesterday, we tried to get in contact with Vlad's family but failed, he lived in Orsk city alone. Therefore  there will be no information regarding his works. As far as I know there were no moulds in his possession, as a true artist he was never satisfied with results and always demolished his preceding works upon birth of new product. Once he cooked anything up he posted it online immediately.

He was very open hearted and I wish everyone could remember him as most cheerful and full of humor fellow.
Several years ago, when he was in Moscow with painting course promoting his figures, some collectors asked him how old he was and he has replied most seriously: soon I will turn 78...(everyone was amazed how well he looked for his age!) but then he added in the same serious way: but yet I am only 52 :)

This is very sad news, he was always very up in my communications and had some quite original creations.  A legacy of the positive is always a good thing and I will think of his creations with a smile.

mark  8)

God I hope there's some mistake, I so much enjoyed his work, he was a bit temperamental, but most artists are in some way.
If he is gone, I think an effort should be made to preserve whatever art, design or possibly molds that his family might not want to keep. Over the span of his life there must be some very nice items, I'd love to have some of his original work but, preservation is most important.
So sad....


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