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Vladislav Yankovsky, known to us all as Jank, has posted a few times on the site with his cardboard cut outs and other designs, chiefly Napoleonic French and Russian Cavalry. Some will know he drew the Light Brigade figures that I have recently had engraved by Karl Rieger.
I sent a complimentary set to Vlad in Orsk, Russia. Six weeks later and mystified about why he was no longer responding to my emails or posting on the site, the package has been returned to me this morning. Across the front is written the word 'Died'.
I was concerned that something serious had happened to Vlad, and this seems to be the answer, although it has not been possible to find out any more.
He was a friendly guy interested in all sorts of projects and sometimes a bit touchy, you had to be complimentary or else! Brian I know has some of his figures cast in plaster moulds and his cut-out books. Anyway, that is all I know and looks like the answer to his sudden absence back in August. Unfortunately he won't be doing any more drawings and the Light Brigade line of figures may have to come to an end too, after the next batch which are being engraved right now.


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