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I don't know about wizard but, I can assist Ed.  Unfortunately, this is very non-intuitive.  There is a how to in the FAQ or if you would rather I can set it up for you but, to do so I will need to take over your account temporarily which means I have to change the password.  If you are comfortable with that send me a message and I can get it set up and tell you how to change it back.

As far as pictures there apparently is an issue in Windows 10 that supposedly is matching the orientation of the picture when it was taken, i.e. if the camera is sideways it turns the picture that way.  Not sure if that is true but, I can correct them so if you upload your pictures I will fix them.

Let me know about your gallery and good luck.

mark  8)

Marko is a magicien to help you, send him a MP

Edward Cepauskas:

I tried to set up a member's gallery. I am not sure of what is going on. I cannot get it to display in the main members list. Also having a problem with things turning sideways after they are downloaded.



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