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Nice gallery of figures, thanks for sharing.

mark  8)

Edward Cepauskas:

Thanks for righting my figures in my gallery. The figure of the Death Dealer, can you move that down to the main gallery with the others and get rid of that sub category where I put it. Or can I get rid of the sub category myself?


Surprising that Microsoft built instructions to corretly handle photos taken by Apple equiment too, but not from regular cameras !! Unless those become more and more obsolete in the USA to the favour of smarphones only ?  World is changing s fast ...

Nicholas Ball:
Not so much camera side ways Mark, as my photos are all taken one way, but when posted 1x will sometimes go sideways all on its own. :o

If using my iPad, when enlarged, the photos correct themselves up the right way for viewing :)

Edward Cepauskas:
No Mark, Take a wizardly bow. You are the man.

Go ahead and set it up please. We can change the password back when you are done.



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