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Michael Hinse


Thanks for posting this Nick. Now a can put face to the name.


gerry Larkin:
Meet this Gent and his wife at Kulmbach, i use the word Gent as he really was one!!
didn't know him until the show, but he really had a great knowledge of are little world! and a real pleasure to have  meet him
Rest in Peace Micheal 

Rest in peace!

Rest in peace Michael.

Nicholas Ball:
Michael, had been a very active member on this forum, and his humour and advice was always welcome.
He was a well known member to the Plassenburg, and through him and his enthusiasm we obtained the Mignot figures for the 2015 project.

I would like to thank Angela his wife for sending me a very nice photo of him, and she will, when possible, be sending us additional photo's of his painted figures.

I wish Angela all the best for the future, and hope to see her again in Kulmbach next year, should she be able to attend



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