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 Hi. Every time I put your new web page in goggle  and press search it comes up and then when I press that it does not come up. The flat earth society comes up. So I have to go back to the old web sight British flat figure Society Willie

Hello Mark,

I never used something strange like Ipad or a mobile-phone with access to the internet.
So far - this is the wrong path ???

Anyway - I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Joerg don't break the web site!    >:(

Thank you for the heads up, I will take a look at the logs and try to see what it disliked.  Not sure what this helpful error message was indicating to you - though I have a guess.  Does sound rather ominous in any case.

Thank you for the heads up, I will pay attention for this.

Mark   8)

P.S.  I took a look at this and the error was from TapaTalk which is something I am testing for IPads and Phone users.  (It allows you to keep up with sites like this if you subscribe to a large number of them.)  Anyway were you using something like that or your computer?  Just curious if TapaTalk is causing some issues.

but when I posted something the last two days, I got this message
Wrong value type sent to the database. Array of integers expected. (tag_ids)

And - rather unexpected- my intended answer appeared nevertheless.

So far - not really something wrong, but a bit confusing....



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