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Sheperd Paine.


Indeed, one of the few who influenced our generation as painter f figurines, and brought this to the level of an ART !

A giant - I have had and enjoyed both of his books for years.  A whole generation grew up looking at his pictures of Historex conversions and Monogram dioramas and marveling.

Rest In Peace.

mark  8)

 Very Sad we will miss him :( Willie

Holy, sh.....

the bad news are fare too much now  :(

Howard Sheperd Paine, who for six decades tirelessly worked to spread the popularity of the art miniatures worldwide, died on Saturday, August 1. An extraordinary artist, prolific author, widely respected military historian, and renowned collector of military artifacts, he was 69 years old.

Not a flat painter as far as I Know but a big influence on me when I first pick up the paint brush.


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