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The editor was Brandt, as for the Dragons; unfoundable nowadays
These figures are copies with PVC moulds
But now Christian being gone I do not know what will happen to these moulds

Very nice artworks - thank you for showing us Eric.
Perhaps you know the editor of the Esterhazy series?

I added a few pictures of Christian'work in the Gallery
Have a look

Memorial gallery for Christian has been created here:;cat=44

Please feel free to add content.

mark  8)

Indeed Christian had such a passion for figures as a collector, painter, historian...  He mentored many into the hobby.
I saw him last in the hospital on the 8th of July. He was recovering and he had lost weight. He had had a severe flu (at least this is what the doctors were saying). Unfortunately his conditions worsened after a little while and then after a short coma he finally passed away.
His thoughts when I saw him and I am sure have been until the last, were of course on figures. There was an acution scheduled for the 10th and he was truly sorry he could not attend. There were figures painted by Douchkine he was particularly interested in. He had always considered the latter his master and the best compliment was for him to be compared to him. Also, as he was painting for collectors, he was afraid that some of his works would have not been finished before sometime.  He was sorry of course not to be able to come to Kulmbach, but he asked me to take on some new references and so on.
Another friend collector commented that it is a pity we never recorded all what he was saying about this or that topic, spanning from a specific military subject, to a particular collector from the golden age (he called it in this way). As quickly as he was with his paintbrush, he was able to describe a caracter and a story.
we will miss him deeply 


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