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Stéphane (Lille):
Thank you for your appreciations.
Thank Mark for adding ; hope it can be usefull.

And if anybody knows a contact about my question, it will be nice.

Bonne journée à tous

gerry Larkin:
just a beautiful and  truly wonderfull design by Vladimir, to a good friend and true
Inspiration  Mike would have been honoured by this indeed...Gerry   

Beautiful work Stephane - Alice in Wonderland was my original inspiration with flats as well. 

I have also added your site to our links.S

mark  8)

Vlad the Engraver will make a fine job of it and do it full justice . .

Bonjour Stéphane
Je viens de visiter ton site
De bien jolies choses et quelques judicieux commentaires et avis
By the way mes amitiès à Jean-Pierre


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