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Holy fecal material!   :-[
I just found that little white down arrow at the top right of the screen!  :o
NOW I see them.

I usually view from a desktop, and I do not see the unread posts column.  Just the new posts - which contains only one post.

I've been going to the View Most Recent Posts at the bottom of the page to scroll thru and find the ones I have not read that are not in New Posts.

Confused in the States  ;D

I think you've hit the nail on the head there Glen.

If I may weigh in... I primarily use my desktop computer to view the internet. Occasionally, I will use my wife's Nook. I've found the tablets and readers often do NOT view the interweb the same way as a dedicated computer. Formatting is often different and peripheral sidebars may be absent as well. I don't think there is an internationally recognized fix for this (yet), since readers and tablets are not fully standardized.

Jus' sayin'...


It's still the same Mark. It's obviously something to do with the devices Eric and I are using. I'm sure we will cope, thank you for trying to help.


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