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A Sad Day - Carl Gruen's Passing

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John Alberts:
Just yesterday I opened a small box of flats trying to remind myself what was in it and found a post-it note from Carl Gruen with some explanation, anecdote.  I never met the man as only purchased flats by mail but every dealing was fast and pleasant.  Also saw for the first time a picture of a painted bust of German panzer Gefreiter Carl Gruen.  Very interesting to make the connection.  Did he live in the U.S.?  I recall ordering his flats from Germany.

Sad to hear that Carl is no more.
He was the symbolic beacon of flat figures collectors overseas

It sounds like he was a great influence on figure painting and a all-round good, he will be missed.

Sorry to hear about his passing Willie.

Larry Lee:
He was a very unique man and will be sorely missed. You're correct in that there probably would be no flat painters in the U.S. if it weren't for Carl. I fondly remember teasing Carl when he went to one of the other vendors at MFCA and bought an Africa Corps tee-shirt. He looked at me, puffed out his chest and  said "I vass in the Africa Corp.!"


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