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You probably got it Nick.  PHP the language of the site only can handle 7 mb of data at a time.  This means large pictures can be a problem and as you note there is no helpful error message it just does not work.  I normally add large photos one or two at a time by editing the same post, i.e. upload a photo, then edit the same post and upload another photo etc.

There is a bulk upload feature in the Gallery which allows for up to 10 photos at once which is a great time saver until you start running into this issue.

Mark  8)

Nicholas Ball:
spent yesterday and today flogging through a piece on A bigger taurrogan and after attaching photos and script, it just wont post!!! >:( >:(   it sits and waits then goes back to an empty reply box!!!     :'(

As my computer is running slow could this be the problem?  will try again with only 3 photo's not 4


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