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Zinnfiguren der Ritterzeit von Hans Müller, Erfurt w/ English Companion Text

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Received mine yesterday - it is BIG and obviously a labor of love!  I was very impressed with overall breadth - this is quite a bit larger than the other publications on flats that I have generally seen in the past. 

For me personally it definitely struck a chord as I am very interested in keeping/documenting a bit of the history of Companies / Editors / Designers before that knowledge is lost.  This deliveries a bit in all of these areas as well as a large set of examples of painted figures - if this is your time period then it is a feast for the eyes.

I read an English translation a week ago - prior to the publications arrival - I look forward into a deep dive into this in the coming week.

Highly recommended and a bargain compared to other publications in the genre.

mak  8)

Yes, a good reference book.  But unfortunately the pictures do not give the photo quality again.  This is a shame because many collectors had hoped for it.

Received my copy at the weekend a super book with lots of great pictures and examples of different painters interpretations of the same figure.
 Lots of work and research to produce this book congratulations to those involved.

John R

not arrived yet.....

A really nice book! Get my print one week ago. Not finished to read but see all of the beautyfull pics. I start my collecting with this figures from Erwin Ortmann - around 1980. Well to remember!


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