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Thank you!


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Re: Look & Learn
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This publication never made it to the States, as least as far as I know. But it is online.
Looks good. Enjoy!!
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Re: Look & Learn
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Yes, the illustrations are very beautiful. One of my favourite painters, Fortunino Matania, was one of the illustrators.

also interesting: compare, for example, Matanias picture of "Nefertiti in her royal chariot" with Neckel's series  "Exit of Nefertiti" ...  :) .

Thank you Ed!

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Re: Look & Learn
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Lok and Learn was a wonderful publication, full of information and wonderful illustrations. I believe it began around 1962. I regularly bought it, along with the Eagle, which some of our older members may remember. I had four bound volumes of the first issues, but my parents gave them away when I went to university. Perhaps that accounts for my insecurities.
Good luck in your search, Andre

Look & Learn
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Dear Sirs!I am looking for the British youth magazine "Look and Learn" up to 1964.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you and greatings from Franconia