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Wolfgang Hafer


yes  ;D it is in the first post :  ;)

do you have it ?

Rüdiger use email to communicate  :)

Super !!!
  I can scan and compile his first catalogue  called "ALERTUM" Zivil-Jadgd 1200-1900  Sonderfiguren  AK1-82 (= 82 pages , in one or two files PDF); I have his 2013 price list ...
If OK, will send it to Mark in PDF...  The first placing an order in 2018 shoud ask for an updated price list (2 pages format A5!) and issue it on this site too...
Alertum = pages AK-01to 36; 66 to73 and 77,78, 80  and Middle Ago to today the other ones (AK-37 to AK65, and..few last ones)
Question Isabelle = does Rüdiger use an email ? or only post letters to communiacte?

As you kwow regrettably, Wolfgang Hafer is died this year and there had a hole in Kulmbach this year without him.
But the good news is ; his soon Rüdiger Hafer continue to sell  the figures of his father.
Rüdiger had edited very interresting figures too and they are in the catalogue.
At my question if he'll continue to edited news figures : he'd answered "no" but he'll continue pouring flat.
 email adress :

The catalogue is at 12 €

He can send the catalogue. The new prices are ok early 2018.


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