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Video Tutorial of Penny Meyer


John Alberts:
After the gray is painted on, are the colors then glazed over the gray or do painters match a valued color or chroma to the gray then blend the edges of paint?

Steve- for some help on this, go to my article in Knowledge Base on "What the Gray Scale Can Teach Me.."

Download a 10-panel gray scale from the internet. Use it as I mention in the article, only instead of mixing colors, mix various values of gray. The best gray is Titanium White and Mars Black, but you can experiment with others. (Actually, you can use tones of any color you like, for example: values of burnt sienna or burnt umber!) For your first one, find a good B&W reference, and simply match the colors. I put an acetate sheet over my reference photo and drop the color mix right on top of the area to be matched.

The main problem with oils is too much paint on the figure. Take your color from the tube, set it on an absorbent surface (papertowel, index card, etc.) for 20 min (or longer if need be!) to get all excess oils out of it, then transfer it to your working palette. Now mix in SLOWLY some mineral spirits until you have a consistnecy of slim milk. That's what you paint with. Then, take a SMALL amount of that color, put it in the center of the area to be painted on the figure, now spread that paint with a clean, DRY brush (DO NOT DIP IN THINNER) until the area is covered. Store your palette in the freezer, and dry your figure overnight in a (dedicated - no food) crock pot set on "Low" with lid adjar.

There you have it!

BTW, since you seem to be a SCAMMs member, you may want to contact Penny and ask her for help. She's a great Lady and I'm sure she will help you by answering your questions. Also, contact me offline and I will assist you . Good luck.

SCAHMS stands for the Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society. (Now you know why we just go by SCAHMS.) Last Saturday, at our April 2013 meeting, Penny Meyer conducted a tutorial on painting a figure in grayscale before applying the colors to the piece. It was filmed and posted at

If you think this sort of exercise is of any value, I would like to encourage those of you who have obtained some sort of success in painting well to post videos as well. I, for one, would benefit greatly by seeing someone paint with oils. They intimidate me because I have very little experience with them. But, I think if I could watch someone paint with oils, with some serious footage, I would be more likely to learn.

Please let me know if this was of value to you. If it is, perhaps we can work on posting more.


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