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21st Lancers Sudan/Type list


John Alberts:
Am impressed as well.  A very nice series . . . congratulations.

These do look good.

Mark  8)

Here a painted version - I have got this from my collector friend Thomas Körner aka "Zinnprinzessin"
Unfortunately I don´t know the name of the Painter

I'm interested to......please write me to: merlino957@outlook.comregards

Dear Friends, today I can show the type list of my third Sudan Series, depicting the 21st Lancers in the Battle of Omdurman,including the figure of a young lieutenant who later became prime minister of the United Kingdom.
I am a little late with this, but I had to wait for the castings for a time and I have not finished my own paintwork. The painted figures are WIP.

The complete Set is 42.-- € + Shipment, Single Figures/Groups are available too.



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