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Hafer and Dangelmaier Catalogs


hi Marko, may i ask you for a copy of the Hafer Katalog as well? thx.

I will send them to both of you this evening and welcome Denis!

mark  8)

Also much interested in Dangelmaier: I have qiet several flats, but can't link them to series....

Hello. Just registered, unfortunately I can’t send you private message. Can I ask you please to send me these catalogs on email? Especially  interested  of Dangelmaier.
 My email:
Thank you very much!


One of our recent associates, Andre Schaaschmidt sent me excellent copies of two catalogs from his collection as described by Andre:

Hafer (2016)
- beautiful biblical sets ( Golden Calf etc.)
- Sumeriansand other

Wilfried Dangelmaier (2017)
- Trojan War / Odyseey
- The Ring of Polycrates
- Alexander and Diogenes
- Olympia-         

and othermost engraved by L.Frank/ Madlener / Mohr

For those reading the journal they know the beauty of the Retter offered by Dangelmaier and Hafer has a delightful line of figures from the Bible, also with price lists.

Many thanks to Andre!

If anyone wants a copy send me a message with your address and I will pass them along in ZIP form - the Dangelmaier catalog is 27.3 mb alone...

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