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Figures from Copenhagen


Hi Jorg, did you get in touch with Chakoten? I got an answer. they dont give informations on either their members or their figures.
Sorry but I did try

Hi Joerg I have send a  mail to them asking where the stones are now for the figures, I was a member then in the 90ties, and helped pack these figures,
 sadly the Society was split up, and another society started, they, no longer exist. But I seems to remember that the owner of the figures left Chakoten and joined Figurina Danica and took the figures with him.

Hello flats,
thanks for the info !
I will ask Chakoten.


Joerg, I believe the stones are now in the hands of the Danish Model Soldier Society "Chakoten" They do have a website.
I was a member there many years ago, and saw these figures, try and contact them.

In a sixty years old compendium of German collectors journals I stumbled over the following notice:
"1864 From Sven Erwin S.Gallaus in Copenhagen you can obtain Fighting Danish Infantry 1 Officer and 7 men".
Does anybody know something about the stay of these moulds?


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