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Funeral procession


John Alberts:
Good stuff

Hi Sandor,

The figure was originally edited by Western Miniatures. The designer was Martin Block and the engraver was Gerhard Sollner.


Thank you, Christoph, I have found it!

Hello Sandor,
This figure is  available from Dr. Dau

I once was told that it is part of  a set called "Retreat from Marignano" drawn by Martin Block. But I don't know more about it. The figures clearly wearing the clothing of swiss Reisläufer of the time around 1515


Good morning Friends!
For my Bugundian wars collection I have just recently bought this small group on eBay.
The title of the auction was "Schweizer Fußknechte, um 1500, bergen ihren toten Hauptmann".
I find the oil paintwork good mediocre (rather good in a style of painting), so I decided to keep it, not to strip-and-repaint.
The scene is quite interesting for me and it fits excellently of the Burgundian wars-topic.
I would appreciate any further information about it - maybe it is one of a series and other figures of the set could also be interesting for me.
On the plinth it says WM 1 - nothing more.

Thank you-


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