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VID soldiers - flat figures for sale

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VID soldiers F-012 - French grenadiers in atack, 1805-1812

You can  purchase it here

VID soldiers F-011 - French line infantry firing in square at Austerlitz 1805


You can purchase it here

VID soldiers F-010 - Russian musketeer regiment in battle at Austerlitz, 1805. This set was made in 1991 and never released before. This is one of the first work by Yankovski

for order please PM or click here


The set F-009 - Kosciuszko at Raclawice 1794 and polish dancers.
This is very rare set was released in 1994.


You can purchase it by PM or here

Merry Christmas!
The set VID soldiers F-001 is receovered and the figurine of Pharaon is able. Now full set from the figurines was released is able for orders


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