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Ed Humphreys:
Without the picture, it works. I'm sure my painting wasn't all that bad.

Ed Humphreys:
I tried and failed to upload a few pictures before Christmas. I have just tried to show here my SEGOM 1814 set, but it failed, and I was told "this site isn't working at present". As an experiment, I'm trying again without the picture

Thanks Bob, I have deleted the test account.

The issue is not with the site but, is related to something hour browser has indicated is an issue related to this site.  (As I mentioned I have a smilier issue with the FigureMentors site.)  I will see what I can advise once I figure out that issue - it is thus far not very obvious.

For the interim all I can offer is to allow me to proxy adding images for you.  I would suggest loading the content and then sending me  the images to add?

Sorry but, there appears no quick answer to this for the moment.


Hello Mark,
Thanks for your efforts, just logged off and then relogged on using the information you provided.
Sadly I get the same result no preview and no posting just comes page error error 404.
It could be that its a problem with my computer but I have been able to post photo's on other sites Autumn Watch etx.,
So will have to accept that its my local problem and try to post figures on other sites.
Kindest regards

Sorry Bob I cannot recreate your behavior beyond proving preview does not work in posting.  I can’t get it to produce th error you are seeing.

I have sent you a new account, if that does not work unfortunately I am stumped.



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