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Best Conifer Trees?


@Jerry, you are right -Reu├čner has fantastic trees !
But these ar ethe "grumpy" ones, old oaks (and so on) with a wide range of twigs and branches,
but -so far I know- no koniferes.

Perhaps this helps ?

(Fechner has sold his moulds in that way)

Berliner Zinnfiguren I can not scroll

Joachim Ruessner does some nice trees.

Hi John,

I know Berliner Zinnfiguren has a number as well as Fechner.

Interesting question by the way.


John Hoffmann:
Hello one and all,
Hope everyone is well. Gosh, it is still quite weird out there.
I need some conifer/pine/nagel trees.
In your opinion which editor has the best selection for the best price, please and thanks.


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