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Hello, Willie,
these figures come from a Kiel zinnfiguren set, please look at:


Willie Makit:
Hello, Does anyone know of a set of metal 'flatties' that may have been based on a German authors' stories, 'Der Schatz Im Silbersee' (or Treasure In Silver Lake) by Karl May? They were western-ish, cowboys and Indians, and sometime in the 1940's to 1960's time frame. I have enclosed some photos including the box that they were found in. The family (mother & 2 children) came from Germany before or during the beginning of WWII to stay with the mothers' sister. The father was captured by the Russians and put in a prisoner of war camp. That's about all I know beside the boy was very interested in Mays' books and had them all.

I guess this is the time to start painting the huge grey army that we have all collected over the years.

You got it !

John Hoffmann:
Thank you all for the great links.
I fear that if I order any figures from Germany they will take many months to get to me here in Canada. I am still waiting for a small package from the UK. As of today, I don't believe that it has even left for Canada.
It is the same story with mail from the USA. A letter, A LETTER, took over 3 weeks to get to me!
This pandemic is taking it's toll on everything that is good in this world.
Are the rest of our members having the same difficulties?
I guess this is the time to start painting the huge grey army that we have all collected over the years.
Again, thank you all.
Please stay well, healthy and strong.
Your freund in Canada.

@John, you may ask at Heinrichsen directly

Not every set is available at any time,
but Ms Grobe (the boss) is quite helpful with information concerning her products range.

At the other hand, there are more Karl May figures, than these few sets (Wseterners and Indians).

Karl May wrote stories not only about the Old West (no French and Indian stuff),
but too about adventures in the Balkans and in the Orient (figures exist  "Kara Ben Nemsi")
and about adventures in China and the South Sea (figures exist).

And he wrote some rather unknown novels about German War hero  Franz von Anhalt-Dessau
and about Prussians in Paris in Napoleons times and in Franco-Prussian War.
(No special figures)



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