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Anhalt ZinnfigurenVarious eras, +Seven Years War4087
Arcabuz - Rafael CebrianVariety of eras3893
Detlef BelaschkVariety of eras, Tiffany, fantasy +4435
B & S ZinnfigurenVariety of eras, Napoleonic, American Civil War4703
Zinnfiguren BockVariety of eras5429
Christian Carl Cortum FigurenVariety of eras, ancients, 30 Years War +4170
Frank DittmarVariety of eras4945
Eisenbach FigurensVariety of eras, Napoleonic +3799
Uwe EhmkeVariety of eras - in 2020 Boverat and Bretignier4358
Zinnfiguren Elke and Martin AndraVariety of eras, medieval+4007
Edition KrannichProduce variety of figures and books including Mike Taylor flat book and Mignot book3262
Fechner ZinnfigurenVariety of eras3977
Zinnfiguren FleesenseeVariety of eras4593
Alexander GlocknerVariety of eras, Seven Years War +3982
Glorious EmpiresVariety of 54mm & 30 mm figures4147
Grunewald ZinnifigurenVariety of eras3614
HobbyZinnVariety of figures3182
Hülbener ZinnfigurenVariety of figures, +54mm2853
inZinn - Bernhard BakatVariety of flats, special biblical + MOHR (David and Goliath) + Jeismann & Dangschat buildings3325
Jupiter MiniaturaVariety of figures, Tiffany, fantasy +3849
KielerVariety of eras, medieval, Ochel +4734
KovarVariety of eras3531
Historia LehnartMedievals3641
Daniel LepeltierVariety of eras, Napoleonic +3506
Frank LipfertNapoleonics3170
Stephan LoeweAncients3450
Zinnfiguren MaierVariety of flats including large scale flats4196
MB ZinnfigurenFigures reproducing frescoes and renaissance paintings.2975
Offzin Menz BurgAncients, medievals - 1772
Mil Mart MiniatureVarious3309
Alexander MitelevVariety of eras, medieval +3548
Jens MullerVariety of eras3850
Vladmir NuzhdinVladamir's New site3158
OldHaferVariety of figures4412
Joachim ReussnerFoliage, trees, Heinrichsen WWI aircraft2949
Zinnfiguren RiegerVariety of eras, +Indian Army - Raj, Star Wars4552
Thomas SeeleNapoleonic Wars3626
Schmalkalder ZinnfigurenVariety of eras, figures, plants and busts.2578
Schum Zinnfiguren30 Years War, War of the Spanish Succession, Ex-Wagner figures2276
Wilhelm SchweizerFoliage, seasonal2848
SchillingNapoleonic Wars3184
BARRIERE FIGURINES - SegomHistorical flat figures engraved on both sides allowing to reconstitute battles of the Empire (Napoleon).Other periods are represented : antiquity, Middle Age with fabulous knights, Time of kings (Mousqueters etc...),2424
Regina SonntagVariety of eras3416
Zinnfiguren StrassburgVariety of figures3441
Alfred R SulzerVariety of eras3270
Andreas TrosteAncients3433
Alexander WilkenVariety of eras3728
Wolfgang FriedrichAncients, medievals2180
Richard WunschVariety of eras, +Franco Prussian war3053
ZinnprinzessinVariety of eras +Japan3434
Wilhelm-SchweizerOrnaments & a variety of demi ronde1314
Martin AndraVariety of figures755
Zinn BemalungFrauendorf figures from 1860 - 1900 Rainer Herfurth also at info@zinnbemalung.de588
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