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Shop in England?


Hi Scott,
Thanks for your feedback. Actually my friends are looking for unpainted figures more than toysoldiers but anyhow it might be good to go.
If anyone else has an idea about nice place to go for figures addict, feel free to share.

Scott Johnson:
No shops in London that sell flats so far as I know, but if your friend is looking for some (expensive) 54mm full-rounds The Armoury of Saint James has some nice figures available. The store is located between Piccadilly and Jermyn Street with Saint James Street on the west. If you can locate Saint James's Palace on a London street map you are in the correct neighborhood.

Happy hunting!

Good friends of mine from the AFCFEF will go to England in May and they would like to know if there are any shop in London or in its area for flat and/or round figures.
If you have some address to share it will be much appreciated.


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