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flats in Vienna?

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Scott Johnson:
How did I miss the shop??????  :-[

I guess that I will have to return to Vienna (which I hope to do anyway)

Hi Gerhard!
It is a good news about Kober!
I was looking for this shop on the usual place on the Graben and I did not found it!
I thought that they went out of busines - and I was very sorrow about it!
Next time (this autumn) I shall visit them in their new location on the Schülerstrasse!

I just called Mr. Böhm on Telephone.

The Shop ist open at the Moment.

So Zinnfiguren Böhm is not in Business anymore? Very Bad News.
The Toy Soldier Shop should be Spielwaren Kober
They have the Wollner Figures.

This is the shop I was writi8ng about earlier.
Behind the StefansDom, on Schülrstrasse 7:

Actually I was not there this year, but last autumn it was still existing.


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