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gerhard gady:
On the Heinrichsen Website there is a Information that there will be a place in Nürnberg in the future
where you can pick up ordered Heinrichsen sets.
Maybe it could be useful to contact Heinrichsen before your visit.

You´re too late. In the early 90´s there where 3 shops in Nuremberg, Hoffmann, Kebbel and Schiller, who sold Heinrichsen, too.

There are interesting flat museums in Goslar and Leipzig-Dölitz with a lot of dioramas. But they are not so large like the Plassenburg.

The best way to buy flats is to visit the Kulmbacher Zinnfigurenbörse 7.8.-9.8.2015.

The old collectors die, their collections are sold on ebay und the young people are more interested in computers & Co. So there are only a few museum-shops left.   

Best regards


Scott Johnson:
Gerhard & Michael,

Thank you for this information. It is sad that there are no flats shops & so I must go to the toy museum. I have been to Plassenberg in Kulmbach and the flats dioramas there are excellent. I do not believe that will be so in Nuremberg  :'(



The last shop with flats in Nuremberg (Hoffmann) has closed 2010 .

But there are 3 interesting museums with flats:

1. until 9.8.2015 "175 years Offizin Heinrichsen", only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 14-17 o´clock;
look at .

2.toy museum nuremberg with some old Heinrichsen figures, look at

3. Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg with some old Hilpert figures 18. century, look at

On 19.9.2015 is the VFZ flat exibition in Nürnberg-Langwasser; look at ; it´s the society of flat collectors
in Nurenberg; you can ask them, too.

Best regards


gerhard gady:
I have forgotten to mention.

There is no shop.
You have to call them per phone or send an e-mai.



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