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Re: "Mounting" flats
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Michel, thank you for the details.  Very clear explanation


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Re: "Mounting" flats
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1. For flats with a base support (I call a 'tranche' in French = two small extending flaps at bottom of 30mm flat),
     a) I cut the front side flush to the flat and polish it to bring the flat as close as possible (less than 1mm) from the glass of the frame, giving the maximum lightening to the flat in its frame
     b) I am sharpening the back side of the flat support with a file, as sharp as a knife blade
     c) As material for the background of the frame, I am using what we call here in France a "carton plume", sheet black or white, almost shiny surface of polystrene, thickness of 3 or 5 or 10mm, over which I apply a black selfadhesive velvet sheet.
     d) Cutting a slit is this smooth material is very easy, slit narrow with a cutter blade, and the sharpmnees of the flat allows easy and firm insertion to position....

2. For flats without such suppoprt, O am using a double sided velcro band, cut to size.  It is reversible, and brings the flat over the back of the frame by 2mm to the level of the glass, when using a "passe-partout framing.. It is reversible and easy to position.
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"Mounting" flats
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When mounting flats to carboard for mounting in a frame I have been clumsily cutting slots with an exacto knife.  Does anyone know of a simpler more precise method?  It is hard to get even cuts.  Is there a tool available, a punch or something?  Thank you.