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Carl / Cortum figures is closing


Thank you for these encouraging words, the figures of Cortum are beautiful, excellent value and spreading, and cover a large period of the History.  Their loss on the market would be so sad for many passionated painters and collectors!!!


Please note:
The office is currently no longer able to work, please note the information and reasons on the website.

The Carl family was directly behind me at the stand in Kulmbach 2022, Christian Carl was no longer there for health reasons.
And if the successor no longer has time for professional reasons, then so be it.

However, the business can be reopened at any time if the circumstances are better again, or what is also very likely is that
the moulds will be transferred to other publishers.

Therefore I don't think that the moulds and figures will disappear permanently.

Best regards

Again this is a big shame, some wonderful figures to be lost from the market

Dear all,
Christian Carl from Cortum figures informed, that they are going to close the business.
They announced to serve incoming orders by 31st of December 2024 as best as they could (perhaps some mass types are out of stock then) and then is the end.



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