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Problem with pictures ?

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[/size][/color]Error SyntaxError: JSON.parse Error: Invalid character at position:1
 This is what I'm getting when posting photo, but the photo still appears.   

Bravo Marko, we love you all !!!

This issue has been on and off for a bit, most recently with Joerg.  It seems related with an on-going memory issue our software has been generating which I am hopefully dealing with today.

Our site is moving to a slightly more performant/expensive yearly option that hopefully will deal with this and some other issues.  It is also in need of some consolidation and clean up which I am hoping to perform over the spring.

Hopefully you will notice a more consistently performant site after today and hopefully the picture issues disappear as well.

mark  8)

P.S. I am picking up the tab for this upgrade as payback for the great pleasure the society has given to me.  Cross the fingers and hopefully things settle down.

Hello Eric

I'll follow your piece of advice and let's see what is happening.


Bonjour Richard

I sometimes have this message
Nevertheless I clic on "Post" and it works !
Try it  !



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