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More thrilling adventures with 30mm Flats in my ImagiNations - Battle for the Mountain Fort!
Heroscape hexes and 3D terrain, 2D Flats - train wrecks, fights to the death ...

Most kind of you recruits are always welcome. They will fill out The Portuguese forces and will balance the sides somewhat better.

Reinforcements for East Afrika or   Lurland?

I shall put together a small parcel of these 45-50mm Schneiders to send up to you (probably next week) as a small thank you for the recent figures sent.

 I have fuctionally repaired muskets etc on some, enough to make a rifle section of ten men, three assorted officers, a settler or two and four fierce Lurlandish natives with bows, spear and  very small axes.

All from  Schnieder Moulds numbered as set out on the blog post. Enjoy!

MarkManof Tin,
A kind offer indeed. These homecasts are splendid. I employed some as WW1 Portuguese troops in Africa in my recent game.


What a splendid find, the tricorn wearing cyclists are excellent!


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