Author Topic: Who are portrayed, who is the issuer, perhaps part of which series ???  (Read 835 times)

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Christian Terana was the keeper of the moulds but not the owner which was probably the "Sabretache"
When he died, the moulds desappeared but might be gone back to the "Sabretache"


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Hi, i can identify 4 of the figures and confirm what some of you already stated:
Banner Figure: this is indeed from the Festzug Karl V, 1550 (Ommegang) Series, now available from Johan Lilliehöök, Figure Number is 69g.
The Knight top right and the Trumpeter on the bottom are visible in the Christian Terana catalog, I assume the info about it being from the French Sociéte des Collectionneurs de Figurines Historiques seems possible, just saying that the figures are in the Terana catalog.
The Figure of the King is from Sixtus Maier from the Ritterturnier 15 Jahrhundert Series, Figure Number is A3, can still be bought from the nice FamilyAnderer.
Hope this helps.


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The first figure with the banner seems to be by Rossner, Karl V entering .... so it close to 1550-ies


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A few informations
Michel is right about the Heraldic patterns, called "France Modern"
The period is Francis the First, king of France except the king's figure (!) who is Charles VII from the Golden Fleece set
The galoping trumpeter and the knight with the pennon are from an old set issued by the French Sociéte des Collectionneurs de Figurines Historiques, designed by Rousselot and engraved by Pepin
The standing trumpeter is an Ochel figure with a modified hat
The banner trager, I do not know; maybe from the Ommegang set issued by ???


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As first search,

The heraldic of yje King of France was made of a number of fleurs-de-lys, starting the Capetiens, (arçund year 1000), to be used by the Kings formally with Louis VII the Young ... till  Jean II the Good (John 1350-1364).

It is with the reign of Charles V (1364-1380), that the heraldy was simplified to three Fleurs de Lys only, to represent the symbol of the Trinity, due to the divine nature of the King.  This royal embem remained till le last King of France, Charles X in 1830, and the last King of the French, Louis-Philippe (-1848).

This set was sold as 'French banners of the Middle Age" indeed, but I ignored who was the painter and who is the editor.

I have a picture of a painting by Eric Talmant, of the King Charles VII , engraver K.H. Mohr. editor  Maier.  However the standard bearer leading him is not the Dike of Montmorency, but seemingly a armour of a later date.

More search also for the trumpets whcich seem to be more of the XVIth century? (period of Maximilian?) ....
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Hello Sandor,
I have a look at your picture. I'm sure these figures are put together by the painter.
Most figures are all from the period 1510 to 1530 when Louis XII or Francis I were kings of France.
Except the figure of the king himself. This is from an earlier period. By the horse blanket and what can be seen from the armour I would say around 1440. So the king would be Charles VII.
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Who are portrayed, who is the issuer, perhaps part of which series ???
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Good morning Friends, have a nice Sunday!
A few years ago I bought the below figures, but I do not know anything about the depicted persons.
Unfortunately I find no pilot of any kind on the plinths either.
According to the banners and horse blanket pattern, they should be a French king with cortage - but which king?
The paintwork itself is excellent - however mainly one-sided only.
I would appreciate any information.