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St Michael and the Dragon


Nicholas Ball:
These are limited to 100.And it's extremely nice :)

currently round busts are in the region of £ 40, personnally I would rather pay a little extra for something unique like this than a commonly available round figure. ;)

I saw this on the 2D stand at Euro .... yes I like it ... But not enough to pay £35 quid for it
If it was a Tenner ..would probably have a crack at it with the brush
Just a personal opinion


This figure is expensive, but painting it is a must

2D Figurines now have stock of Vladimir Nuzhdin  St Michael and the Dragon, these will be the last that 2D will be selling of this limited edition  figure, price is £35 plus post but when there gone that's it till Kulmbach where a few more will be available. 

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Painted by Eric Talmant


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