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…..  but … since I am painting fats with my wife, over six years, we never emptied one 37 ml oil tube !!! In the future, perhaps one or two after having shared half of of their content with members of our club in mini-tubes..

To say that the difference in price between fine and extra-fine is not very significant to complete a set with a few colours when you have enough for almost your life painting...

So perhaps good to start, not to renew your entire palette, but I could try a tube if I had to buy one.

To our friends oversea; is this brand available there?

Great Art website are offering the tubes at £3.39 each, promotional offer

I only showed the picture because I wanted to demonstrate how matt the colours dry.
The photo was taken in dayligt without flash.
Thanks anyway, Christian. That motivates to fight against my inner pig dog! :-)

Hannibal, thats a great job. The Colour scheme of the bull is fantastic. It reminds me of an impressionistic stile. very nice!!
Thank you for showing!

Very nice, Andre!!!

Nice to see the skin under the thin clothes!!



me too these confinement days.
Some old works (3 years)


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